Shifted to the UK! / by Abhay Ramakrishnan

I have been meaning to write something on my blog for a while now. But the past few months have been crazy for me! I quit my job at Zynga, sold my worldly possessions in Bangalore, filled all the paperwork, and bought 2 one way tickets to Newcastle, UK.

Since then, my wife and I have found a nice flat, purchased random home furnishings from IKEA and started cooking some seriously good food. Turns out, all you need to really do in order to make good food is to follow the recipe to a t and get the right ingredients.

Oh, I also got a job in the UK surprising quickly! I am now a Game Designer at Hugo Games! Over the last 2 months, I helped with the world-wide launch of Kings of Soccer and I am currently working on a sequel to Doodle Jump. Because the team is much smaller in Hugo Games, I have also started taking on the responsibilities of a Product Manager. I have always believed that you learn best when on the job. And I am learning something new everyday!

I will be attending Casual Connect in London at the end of the month and hopefully meet some UK game devs! If you are going to attend, come by and say hi!

Till then next blog post, bye!